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Pumpkin Central

Spirit of Growth

Pumpkin Central is alive with the spirit of Halloween!
The bustle of people in the light of carved pumpkins is contagious,
and one can’t help but be drawn to the magic.

Jack-O-Lynn stands at the center in all her glory. She towers over the people, her smile glowing brighter than all the other pumpkins combined.

A scarecrow rushes up and snaps a salute to Jack-O-Lynn.

Jack-O-Lynn’s Narrative:
"An update on our... situation, your Vine-liness. The crows have taken 3 of the lands, and 2 more are perilously close to falling. The scarecrow army is doing all that we can, but we need all the help we can get to keep the Spirits of Halloween alive!"

Jack-O-Lynn’s bright smile briefly falters as she nods a dismissal to the scarecrow.

"Welcome to Pumpkin Central! This is the hub of Pumpkin Nights! This is where all the Spirits of Halloween connect, a gateway to the many lands of Halloween. I do apologize for the... interruptions you may experience while you explore the wonders of Pumpkin Nights. You may have overheard, we are facing a bit of a crisis tonight. The lands that make up Pumpkin Nights are all fueled by one of the Spirits of Halloween. However, there are forces at work that would like nothing more than to put an end to Pumpkin Nights. They are the darkness to our light, the fear to our frolicking, the trick to our treat!

“My scarecrow army has been sent to protect the lands from these intruders, but it is a difficult battle. They understand that by draining the Spirits of Halloween they weaken the lands, and when they weaken the lands, they weaken Pumpkin Central. See, Pumpkin Central’s spirit is the Spirit of Growth. If the Spirits of Halloween no longer grow, then Pumpkin Central falls. I fall. And the crows will feast upon my beloved pumpkins! Thank you for being a part of Pumpkin Nights. I hope you can help us feed the Spirit of Halloween and save our lands!"
Pumpkin Pirate Cove

Spirit of Adventure

Pumpkin Pirate Cove is in chaos! Crows swoop down at the ground as the pirates hoot and howl in excitement while chasing the crows back up into the air. It seems the pirates are even ENJOYING this mayhem! Both the exuberant pirates and the confounded crows seem to be looking for something as they chase each other around in the sand!

Pirates’ Narrative:
“Who goes there?! Another crow come to steal our rightfully stolen treasure, no doubt! Have at thee!

“Wait, what? You’re the silliest looking crow I’ve ever seen. Why aren’t you flying away in fear of my ferociously fearsome ferocity?! You’re not... Did the big, orange one send you?” The pirate places his balled fists on his hips while scowling at you with his one, un-patched eye.

“Aye! She did! Then it is for you to help us find our treasure and steal it away to another land! Fear not the feathered foes! We’ll keep them at bay while you search!”

Hero’s Quest:
Venture forth on an adventure to dig for buried treasure. Smuggle your token to another land!
Pumpkin Reef

Spirit of Exploration

Pumpkin Reef is teeming with wondrous plant and animal life, mesmerizing colors, and fascinating landscapes. As with all mysterious places, legends and myths surround the Reef. Some whisper about strange creatures, half horse and half fish, others tell of cities that were swallowed by the sea and the inhabitants all grew gills and fins, but the most intriguing stories speak of the Great Octopus.

The Great Octopus, they say, is named Octavius. There are many tales of the creature performing heroic deeds and disappearing into the reef. They say he never sleeps and he never stays in the same place for long... but is he real? Or is this just another fish tale?

Hero’s Quest:
Embark on an underwater exploration in search of the elusive Octavius the octopus. Is he real or just another mythical fish tale? Prove it with a photo!
Enchanted Pumpkin Forest

Spirit of Imagination

The Enchanted Forest seems a bit spookier than usual tonight. Indeed, a huge, sprawling spider web has been constructed throughout the magical land. There are bundles of tokens hanging from the webs like the prey of a gigantic spider.

The gnomes of the forest village are hard at work on some new, fantastic contraptions. Instead of the usual sorts of gizmos and gadgets, however, they seem to be building traps and defensive fortresses.

Gnomes’ Narrative:
“Hello there, my curious friend! I can only assume that you have come to cast your wish into The Great Wishing Well. This Well was designed to expel curiosity into the world. Yes, yes, it harkens to the exceptionally creative adventurers out there to bring their most imaginative wishes.
“You see, a wish made on a wish token and tossed into the Great Wishing Well of the Enchanted Forest has a 99.43862% chance of coming true! And what’s more, the imagination that was used to construct that wish is recycled and fed into the Enchanted Forest! We gnomes of the Forest Village harvest the imagination to create new and wonderful things.

“We’ve very specific, wonderful things in the works now, however. These crows, you see, they’re trying to chase us out of the Forest! As long as we have a steady stream of imagination, we should be able to chase them away or capture them. Unfortunately, the imagination stream has been steadily slowing. We believe the spider is behind it.

“Yes, yes, the very spider who spun the web throughout the forest. Creepy thing, she is. She is capturing the wish tokens in her web! She steals them away from adventurers and hides them throughout the forest, all bound up in the web. Pesky critter.”

Spider’s Narrative:
“Yes, I am the one who spins the webs. I am tired of all these adventurous humans traipsing through my Forest! I originally spun my webs to capture the curiosity that pulled the humans into the Forest, but I captured crows instead. They’re clever, the crows. I spoke with them at length about my Forest, and it turns out we want the same things. We made a deal: I will capture the wish tokens, and they will chase away the gnomes.”

Hero’s Quest:
Make your most imaginative wish upon the token and cast it into the Great Wishing Well. Keep the Spirit of Imagination alive!

Forbidden Pumpkin City

Spirit of Passion

The Flaming Pearl soars through the sky, easily evading all who would seek it. The sacred object is said to contain the Supreme Knowledge and grant omnipotence to whoever holds it.

Instead of chasing the Pearl, the dragon of The Forbidden City stares forlornly at his reflection in the water. His chi'ih-muh is gone, the lump that should adorn the top his head. Without it, he has no passion for life, let alone for the chase of the Pearl. Without it, he can’t even fly.

Dragon’s Narrative:
“You may call me Mei Long as I am unworthy of my true name. The Flaming Pearl mocks me, but I no longer care. I have given up my fruitless chase.
“Not long ago, a crow came to my land and turned me from the pursuit of the Flaming Pearl. He told me he was a messenger of Xiwangmu, The Divine Mother. I asked what message the Mother had given him to carry. He bade me come closer, as he mustn’t cry out such precious words. I descended from the heavens to hear him, but the bird tricked me.

“Just as I came close enough to hear his whispers, he snatched the chi'ih- muh (chimu, 尺木) from my brow, and with it went my ability to fly; my desire to seek the Pearl; the very Spirit of Passion. I care not for the Pearl. My purpose is lost. I have forgotten how to fly.”

Hero’s Quest:
Transcribe your passion and feed it to Mei-Long the Dragon to restore the Spirit of Passion.

Spirit of Play

There is so much fun to be had within the Land of Play! But a subtle sense of fear lingers in every shadow. Why aren’t Bertha, Sven, and Frederick, our resident monsterlings, enjoying this wonderful land? It seems as if they’re all playing hide-and-seek, but no one is seeking!

Monsterlings’ Narratives:
Sven, ““Beware, friend! There’s a WITCH casting terrible spells here! She cast one on me to make me think she was my friend, but the crow helped me see that she is a terrifying trickster! If only my friend Frederick was here. He would protect me from the witch.”

Frederick, “Be careful out there! There’s a VAMPIRE stalking in the shadows! He tricked me before, but I know better now. The crow told me that he is really a frightful fiend! I hope my friend Bertha comes along soon. She would know how to outsmart the monster.”

Bertha, “Watch out! There’s a MONSTER wreaking havoc through the land! He plays nice at first, but the crow told me he would eventually reveal his maniacal mind! I wish I could find my friend, Sven. He could sneak us away from the monster.”

Hero’s Quest:
Get the monsterlings to realize they're all friends. Restore the Spirit of Play by HAVING FUN!
Great Pumpkin Hall

Spirit of Light

The Great Pumpkin Hall is filled with candles and owls fluttering through the night sky. There’s a frantic quality to the owls’ flight, and it seems their lights are flickering instead of glowing brightly. The crows must be behind this.

Owls’ Narrative:
“These crows do not belong here! They are destroying the balance! We are the keepers of light in the darkness of night. They are the keepers of darkness during daylight. With their presence here, the very Spirit of Light is in danger! The balance may be lost, and the light may be extinguished forever!

“Help us, stranger! We will try to guide you as you navigate the darkness. In return, you must restore the Spirit of Light to the night!”

Hero’s Quest:
Keep the light alive. Navigate the darkness to restore the balance and Spirit of Light
Maravilla Lane

Spirit of Family

A warm feeling of serenity encompasses Maravilla Lane; a feeling of belonging and welcome. The Pumpkin Sugar Skulls seem to be sharing thoughts with one another without words. Almost imperceptible motions and gestures between them suggest that they are communicating without disturbing the peace of the night.

Near the ofrenda, a crow has landed! One of Jack-O-Lynn’s scarecrows begins to rush toward the crow, but he slows and stops suddenly. A tear falls from the crow’s eye, then another from the eye of the scarecrow. What is going on?!

Pumpkin Sugar Skulls’ Narrative:
“Be still, newcomer. This is a place of reverence. As you can see, the power of The Spirit of Family has halted even the crow. He is remembering his family. Both of his parents are gone.”

The crow hops over to a small rock and places two marigolds on top of it. This must be his own ofrenda.

“The scarecrow, however, has no family. He doesn’t remember how he was made. He believes the crow belongs here more than he does. Of course, he is wrong...”

The scarecrow sits down on a bench and watches as the crow peers over his shoulder and notices him. Another tear falls from the scarecrow’s eyes. The crow flutters over and lands next to the scarecrow.

“Are you mourning lost family?” The crow caws to the scarecrow. “I have no family.” Replies the scarecrow. “I see... You know, the SPIRIT of family can be shared just as strongly with friends as it can with the family you are born with...” the crow caws as he hops closer to the scarecrow. A smile stretches across the scarecrow’s face as he stands up and reaches a hand to the crow. The crow hops onto the scarecrow’s finger, and the new, unlikely friends walk away forever strengthened by the Spirit of Family.

“The Spirit of Family is the bond of a person to another that cannot be broken, even by death. It is eternal, and it only grows stronger as it is tested. Whatever the original intentions of the crow, the Spirit of Family could not be overcome.
“Step forward, newcomer. All are welcome here. Remember those who have moved on and be reminded of the value of those who are still with you.”

Hero’s Quest:
Keep the Spirit of Family alive. Honor a loved one by placing a leaf in their name on the Family Tree.