Explore The Lands - Pumpkin Nights


  • Pumpkin<br/>Passage Description


    Spirit of Discovery

    The final revelation after our deepest searches, the moment of triumph when the unknown becomes clear to us; these are the spirit of DISCOVERY! When challenges and trials mount in our path, it is the anticipation of DISCOVERY that powers us through!

  • Pumpkin<br/>Central Description


    Spirit of Growth

    Every challenge, every test, every trial, and every quest pushes us to become more than we were! This is the spirit of GROWTH! The road may be treacherous, but our willingness to GROW will guide us to becoming the best version of ourselves!

  • Pumpkin<br/>Pirate Cove Description

    Pirate Cove

    Spirit of Adventure

    It calls to us, the spirit of ADVENTURE! It draws us out of what's comfortable to experience what's new and exciting! There is always more life to live and ADVENTURE to be had!

  • Pumpkin<br/>Reef Description


    Spirit of Exploration

    In searching for the deepest meaning, we often find that the search is the meaning! The spirit of EXPLORATION is the spirit which believes the journey is better than the destination, the search is better than finding. The beauty we experience while EXPLORING enriches our lives more than that for which we search.

  • Enchanted<br/>Pumpkin Forest Description

    Pumpkin Forest

    Spirit of Imagination

    The spirit of IMAGINATION is what allows us to look past what is and see what could be. It observes all that is and boldly asks, "What if...?" Every invention, every work of art, every solution to every problem is the product of IMAGINATION!

  • Forbidden<br/>Pumpkin City Description

    Pumpkin City

    Spirit of Passion

    There is a beautiful beast within us all which feeds upon wonder and excitement. When fascination sweeps us up upon its wings, it is the spirit of PASSION giving us flight! This appetite is never filled, and we crave to feed it ever more so that we may forever soar!

  • Monster<br/>Mash Description


    Spirit of Play

    The greatest joy is seen in the eyes of children at PLAY. When we are able to shrug off all things that burden our souls, let go for a few moments what causes us worry, the spirit of PLAY can overtake us. The spirit of PLAY is that which allows us to fully experience each moment without concern for the past or the future!

  • Great<br/>Pumpkin Hall Description

    Pumpkin Hall

    Spirit of Light

    A smile to brighten the room, a candle to guide the lost, a truth to illuminate mystery; LIGHT assures us when we may otherwise lose sight. We may even be the beacon, the embodiment of the spirit of LIGHT, to those around us if we shine through their moment of darkness.

  • Maravilla<br/>Lane Description


    Spirit of Family

    FAMILY may be chosen or assigned, but the spirit of FAMILY is a deep-rooted connection no storm can overpower! It holds us up in our quest for the stars! The branches to the trunk to the roots, FAMILY is those who support us because we are a part of something greater!